Look for C3 certified third-places for their quality and safety!

“Outsourcing our office management in coworking mode has simplified our lives and allowed us to focus primarily on our business by focusing exclusively on serving our customers.” Julien Carlier, Social Dynamite, Tenant Startway Ménilmontant

Why choose a third-place certified C3?

The Certification proposed by Actipole 21 :

  • The assurance of a serene, work-friendly and reliable working environment (45 criteria survey)
  • The strength of a network that provides a better quality
  • Working with Today’s Entrepreneurs

Choose suitable third-place locations for you and your employeesces

Your solutions :

  • Accompany managers and employees in the deployment of the telework agreement (beyond the home)
  • Leverage new collaborative practices to increase compagny agility and customer loyalty
  • Opting for certifed C3 spaces, quality guarantee

The third places seemed perfect to answering our concerns. The coworking allows our employees to meet other colleagues, to meet other people because some are afraid to feel isolated if they stay at home.

Agnès Daoudal

Social Development Officer, SILCA


The C3 certification has brought us visibility and quality assurance in the services we offer to companies and self-employed.

Valérie Andrade

Responsible of the coworking space, Sceaux Smart

Stand out with your service offer

Your solutions :

  1. Demonstrate the relevance of coworking spaces to host teleworkers: productivity, well-being, teamwork
  2. To create high-quality services adapted to the demand of companies (reliable and efficient working environment, etc.)
  3. Obtain C3 label, guaranteed quality
  4. Integrate a Third-place network to improve your visibility

Blandine, responsible for “Le 50” coworking space, explains … to manage a Third-Place


“Creative by nature, it is through the exchanges and the mix of profiles that we meet in these spaces that we enrich our experience and our inspiration” Benjamin Rouffiac, NCI, Tenant Startway Montrouge

A changing world of work

Third places are one of the driving forces behind this transformation. New technologies make it possible to work anywhere, while remaining connected to its working environment.

Telework in a third-party, compared to home work, is ideal for better productivity and work / life balance.

A framework close to home

Your advantages :

  1. Reduction of time spent on transport to improve productivity
  2. Using a professional and motivating space allows to break the isolation created by telecommuting
  3. Using professional tools
  4. Benefit from a flexible solution wherever you go

The third place allows you to :

  1. Barter isolation for a user-friendly setting,
  2. Keeping a balance by separating professional and personal lives,
  3. To settle in a friendly working environment,
  4. Have a professional place to receive clients,
  5. Work team projects in a professional environment that is also yours,
  6. Developing an ecosystem and contacts
  7. Benefit from low cost shared services
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