A Coworking Network

 Our objectives

Promote the development of coworking places

Develop the Actipole21 network, bringing together coworking professional operators

Represent the Actipole21 network to political, economic or scientific bodies

Facilitate the emergence and the development of coworking places

Co-develop new services

Hold the referential for all labelled coworking places

Our values



A quality reference for third-party services that improve working environment of both employees and employers.


Thrust and development of a international connected, dense and interoperable network.


Act, multiply and promote innovative working organizations in every national territory.

Our history


With the emergence of NTIC and of networking, remote telework for self-employed people or people on the move is spreading.


The challenge: With an innovative approach, teleworking is beneficial for companies, for communities, and of course for individuals. The idea of network of coworking centers, beyond teleworking at home, is becoming a new sustainable economic and societal development.


With partners such as LBMG-Worklabs, Steelcase, Alexandrie, Distance Expert, Mobile Office, Finnish Flexiwork Forum or ZeVillage, the association (ARA21) is founded. Its objective is to make companies and public services aware of the benefits of coworking for its own benefits and of its employees, thus contributing to economic and public development, and to personal and environmental balance. Actipole21 launched a Manifesto for the development of a network of telecentres or coworking spaces. It was signed by more than 50 entities.


Participation in multiple events and roadshows on teleworking and coworking.


Coworking is being developed for freelancers, freelancers and start-ups. In four years, we are seeing the emergence of coworking spaces in France, which go from 20 to 400 spaces. Identical developments takes place all over Europe. A dense and meshed network is emerging.


Faced with the ignorance or sometimes the reluctance of companies, Actipole21 launches the C3 Certification, making it possible to identify the third places offering them guarantees for the execution of tasks by nomadic or sedentary collaborators.


More than 30 coworking areas or third-places are certified in France, others are underway in Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, or Finland. The challenge of 2008 is even greater, but a better awareness of the benefits of telecommuting in third places is done by the company and the public services.

Our team

Christian Ollivry

Christian Ollivry


Nathalie Delecroix

Nathalie Delecroix


Valérie Andrade

Valérie Andrade


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