C3 : Connected Collaborative Centre

Third-party professional certification

Workspaces for companies: a wide variety of projects in France and Europe

Actipole21 federates, C3 stamps.

Open to any type of professional space :

  • Third-party professional quality marker
  • Attractiveness factor for companies and users
  • Reference for companies, start-ups and users
  • Spaces visibility guarantee
  • Assurance of a level of services

The process

Step 1

The certification examines 45 measurable criteria, to meet the economic requirements of companies and entrepreneurs, as well as the expectations of employees, integration in the territory or technological constraints. It has 4 axes: proximity, social link, high performance and a transversal axis of governance / inter-operability between third-places.

Step 2

Applicants to the label submit a self-assessment and attach relevant documents: quality surveys, details of security measures, photographs.

Step 3

The National Certification Commission, which is composed of legal and natural persons independent of the candidate third parties (who can not be third-party operators, shareholders or partners) meets to decide on each application. All participants must agree to accept a candidate for certification. The decision to award certification is decided by the majority.

Step 4

When certification is granted, the candidate is notified by mail and receives a promotional kit for distribution.

The Certification Commission

ARA21, the Association Actipole21, has several commissions or board of advices :

  1. Commission Certification
  2. Consulting operators and users (offers, quality and evolution of services, etc.)
  3. Commission communication, Actipole21 brand protection and certifications
  4. Economic Intelligence and Research Commission
  5. Technical Commission (interoperability, integrity)
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